The quick pitch

I’m hard-working front-end designer and developer with a strong eye for detail and perfection. My coding background gives me a unique approach to solving problems because I have insight into both sides of the house. With my previous experiences on HTML driven ads for mobile devices, I’ve been forced to adhere to smaller real estate and strict weight restrictions. This has helped me excel at creating simple and effective executions without extraneous design or development.

The past and present

I officially went to school for computer science back in Brazil. When I moved to US, I took interested in web word, internet was becoming very popular at time as well as small business websites. My first job in US opened my eyes to Adobe Flash. I quickly picked it up and began learning ActionScript. After 5 years, I switched companies and I grew my Flash skills to advanced level and started relying more on ActionScript the actual Flash time-line.

The end of 2010 is when advertising on mobile devices really started to gain traction. Since the majority of industry was Flash-based, HTML developers weren’t readily available at my company. Since I have some experience already building websites, I volunteered to take one of the first mobile ad request, a Ford ad. That has proved to turning point of my career as well as the company. As most developers would agree, general programming principles can applied across most languages. I became immersed in world of mobile web development because, unlike embedded Flash SWF objects, our ads were being written right into the publisher page. We now had to abide by standard web practices, browser support, and site structure. The same went for in-app advertising. I suddenly had to troubleshoot why things weren’t working within an app even though mobile apps are built in a completely different language.

Later 2016, the company I was working for got bought out and all the employees was let go. So, I end up getting hired by marketing agency for pharmaceutical. I was challenge with the latest tools available for web development, such as database, code version control, different platforms, it really fast pace environment where I had to hit the ground running, with no issues I quickly fitted right in. We develop sites, ads, email campaigns from begging the end. Some sites, were coded from scratch, some using platform such as wordpress, bootstrap among others.

Begining 2017 I got called up for duty by the United Stated Coast Guard, since I am a reservist with them, to help them to migrate all their sites to a new content manage system – American Forces Public Information Management System (AFPIMS) – whith a team of two people, we manage to migrate over 50,000 pages of new content management. Due to some limitations on the content management tool, I had to come up with some custom solutions to fullfill some of the requests from our stakeholders, using custom javascript and CSS to create and modify pages.

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. My involvement varies per project from designer to front-end developer and everything in between. I have a strong working of design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. My code editing software of choice the Sublime Text 3 to vast library of plug-ins readily available like Git integration, code snippets, and more. In fast-paced and as evolving industry, I’ve enjoy keeping up with newly released technology and tools. My focus on mobile devices has made stronger designer and developer because I wasn’t able to rely on third-party plug-ins and APIs. Though I can appreciate such libraries when applicable, I’ve never use crutch and take pride in ability to come up with elegant, hand-coded solutions.


  • Bachelor in Computer Science – UNICENP, Brazil 1996.
  • Associate Degree in Applied Computer Graphics and Web Design Development Certificate – Camden County College, Camden, New Jersey 2005.
  • Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio.NET and ADO.NET – Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell PA 2009
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep – College of Southern Maryland, 2019 (enrolled)

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